Confused about what to plant and when?

What if you had a guide to show you:

  • what to plant in spring and fall
  • exactly when to start your seeds
  • how many plants you need
  • how to start your seeds indoors
  • a way to track what's working and what's not
Yes! I'm in!

Get the Beginner Gardening Bundle for $14

Included in this bundle: 

  • Garden planner - know what to plant and when
  • Seed starting guide - learn how to start seeds indoors
  • Printable journal - keep track of what you're growing and learning

Includes Our 3 Most Popular Products

The Ultimate Garden Planning Spreadsheets

5+ Worksheets  

  • what and when to plant
  • how many plants you need
  • how often to plant and more!  

Regular Price: $12

Seed Starting For Beginners E-book

27 Pages  

Learn to start plants from seed so you can:

  • Make money selling plants + save money on buying plants
  • Grow plants for your family and friends
  • Be sure your plants are organic and healthy  

Regular Price: $7

Printable Vegetable Garden Journal

122 pages 

  • Keep track of monthly tasks
  • Note the weather, pests, and problems
  • Record recipes for your homegrown produce
  • Draw your garden plans  
  • Know what's working and what's not

Regular Price: $3