“All the tools and tips you need to get started with your gardening year.”

Delci – customer

When I was just getting started in vegetable gardening, I wanted to try everything! I wanted to grow all the varieties of squash, all the colors of tomatoes, and all the shapes of okra.

Many an hour was spent dog-earing pages of seed catalogs…and many online purchases later I had a great collection of seeds. Ready as I was to show off my variety garden, I actually didn’t plant a good bit of what I bought.

Knowing what to plant and when was a big hurdle for me. Do I start seeds indoors before the last frost or wait and plant directly in the soil after it? Exactly when and how do I start vegetable seeds?

As I learned what to do and when, I needed a way to organize all the things I was learning. Thus my garden planning spreadsheets, garden journal, and seed starting ebook were born. Since I’ve started sharing them with others, they’ve helped thousands of gardeners to create the vegetable garden they’re dreaming of.

The first word that came to mind after playing with Laura’s spreadsheets was, ‘Magic!’

Stacey – Customer

Made for the beginner gardener.

You’ll learn what you need to know to start your plants from seed. And I promise it’s not hard!

Starting plants from seed gives you the freedom to grow any variety of vegetables that you love. You won’t be limited to just whatever plants you can find at the local nursery.

Use the spreadsheets to figure out when to start your seeds and when to put your plants out in the garden simply by entering your first and last frost dates. You don’t have to go hunting to find out when you should start your tomatoes, peppers, broccoli or any of the 40 other crops included.

Use the built in calculator to determine how many plants of each type of vegetable you need. It’s easy to customize the spreadsheets to what your family likes to eat so you don’t waste time, energy, and money growing food that just goes to waste.

You can even determine how much space you need for your ideal garden using the space calculator, and there’s a separate worksheet for succession planting so you can always have a fresh crop ready for homegrown meals.

  • Wondering what temperature your seeds need to germinate?
  • Need to know what you can grow in your fall garden?
  • Want to track your germination rate for seedlings?
  • Can’t decide whether to start seeds indoors or direct seed them in the garden?
  • What supplies will you need for seed starting?
  • Not sure how long your plants need to harden off? Not even sure what that means?

It’s all answered for you.

Keep track of what’s working and any pest or disease problems you encounter in the printable garden journal. With timely tips for each month of the year and space to draw and dream, the journal is the ideal way to keep track of what’s working in your vegetable garden.

Whether you’re just starting out in your garden adventure or just need some help staying organized, this is a great investment.

What’s included?

This is a bundle of digital products to help you with gardening to grow food. For just $17, you’ll get immediate access to:

  • Full suite of garden planning spreadsheets
  • Building healthy soil guide
  • Seed starting book
  • Comprehensive food preservation handbook
  • A printable garden journal

30+ Page Guide To Seed Starting

Plan, track, and record your success with the vegetable garden journal

Preview My Vegetable Garden: Month by Month journal

New for 2023!


If you’re ready to start growing your own food and you don’t want to waste time or money making newbie mistakes, then this beginner gardening bundle of digital products is exactly what you need to get the most out of your time, effort, and investment.

Happy Gardening!