Ready to grow a kitchen garden to feed your family, but not sure where to start?

What if you could create a garden plan and get planting dates in seconds?

Yes! I Want That!

Now you can have a custom plant list and garden plan in just a few clicks.

Using the garden planning worksheets is super simple. All you need to do is enter your frost dates and how many people you want to feed. Then the worksheets calculate everything for you including seed starting dates, planting dates, how many plants you need, and even how much space you need for your garden. 

Watch a video walkthrough of the worksheets.

Wondering what's included in the spreadsheets?

Take the guess work out of growing your own food!

Seed Starting Tips & Journal

Quick reference guide for seed starting including germination times and temperatures. Plus keep track of your germination rates and more with the included garden journal.

Succession Planting Dates

Some plants can be planted multiple times over the season. The worksheets help you harvest more food by recommending succession planting dates.

Food Storage Inventory & Journal

Want to preserve your harvest? Learn whether to freeze, can, or dehydrate your produce. Plus keep track of your pantry inventory with the included food storage journal.

"Gardening isn’t my strong point and this is going to help me a lot! I’m learning so much from you! This also makes me excited to garden again!"


The first word that came to mind after playing around with Laura’s spreadsheet was, “Magic!”


 Get your copy today and feed your family healthy homegrown food!