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The key to making gardening easier is working in healthy soil. 

But how do you know if your soil is healthy? And what can you do to improve your soil?

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Soil testing methods and charts that teach you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your garden soil.

Step by step instructions to set up healthy garden beds from the start.

Soil amendment and cover crop charts to help you make the right choices.

Working in clay soil? Get the secrets that make growing in clay soil a gardener's dream.

Got sand? Learn how to amend your sandy soil so it retains nutrients and water. 

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What Is Soil?  

To learn to create a healthy soil environment, it helps to understand what that is. We'll spend a couple of pages talking about the characteristics that make soil healthy and how that affects your veggie plant.


Home Soil Tests You Can Do For Free + Worksheet

Get to know your soil with 5 home tests. Learn how to perform and evaluate home soil tests. Plus a soil test worksheet for recording your results.


Improving The Soil In Your Garden With Amendments  

Learn how soil amendments are used to improve your garden soil. Use the handy chart and planner to determine what's appropriate for your type of soil.


Includes A Seasonal Cover Crop Guide  

Cover crops are a fantastic way to passively improve your soil. This chapter also includes a quick reference guide for choosing cover crops.


Grass To Garden: Step By Step Method For New Beds

In this chapter, we go through starting your new garden bed step by step. Using what you've learned in the previous chapters, you'll know to set up your new garden beds. 


5 Rules For Maintaining Healthy Soil  

Maximize your efforts by learning what you should and should not do to maintain healthy soil.

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“I love gardening. Being out in the garden is truly my happy place. I think if I couldn't grow and tend to my plants, I'd just go crazy and take everyone with me. Ha! I want to share my love and passion with other gardeners, but I know how hard it can be to keep up with daily life and tending to your plants. That’s why I created this e-book. Creating healthy soil is just one of the little things you can do to make gardening easier and more fun.”

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