Trendy Houseplants We’ll Be Seeing A Lot Of In 2023

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Trendy? Houseplants? Sure, why not? The desire for houseplants skyrocketed after the onset of the pandemic which is no surprise as many of us have known for a long time that growing plants makes people happy.

So what’s hot for 2023? Let’s take a look at what may be the most popular plants for the new year.

Big and Bold Statement Plants

Plants with big and bold leaf designs are very popular for adding interest and variety to your plant collection. While the Monstera or Swiss Cheese Plant is a popular choice, many houseplant enthusiasts are looking for something new and different.

Bird of Paradise

via Apartment Therapy

Bird of Paradise is going to have a hot moment in 2023. To be on trend, go as big as possible for your space. Often used in landscape plantings in warmer climates, this striking bloomer also makes a great houseplant. Show her off in a bright sunny spot (a north or east-facing window is best) and she’ll reward you with show-stopping foliage and make a big, bold statement.

Paper Plant

via Hortology

Fatsia japonica, aka paper plant, is also a fun choice for its interesting foliage. It likes bright (but not direct) light and high humidity, so it is happy in your bathroom or kitchen where it’s naturally more humid. It won’t tolerate drying out well so water it as soon as its soil is 50% dry.

Low Light Plants To Brighten Dark Spaces

Plants that can tolerate low light settings are gaining popularity for bringing life to dark spaces. Make a note, however, that they tolerate low light which is different from thriving in low light. Here are a few suggestions.

Alocasia Black Velvet

via Verdant Lyfe

Not only does this one meet the bold leaves requirement, but it’s also quite happy to live in low-light settings. In fact, its dark leaves are its adaptation to surviving in low light. You’ll want to keep this baby out of direct and bright sunlight which makes it perfect for a space with few windows.

Watering needs will vary depending on your space, but generally, you’ll want to water when the top 50% of your soil is dry. If it seems like it’s requiring frequent watering, you can add a humidifier or pebble tray to add humidity to its space.

Ponytail Palm

via Houseplant Resource Center

Plop a ponytail palm in any room to instantly add whimsy and interest to your space. To properly care for this precious beauty, you have to recognize that it’s not a palm or a tree, but rather a succulent. So even though it will grow in low light, it is most happy in bright light. In fact, if you keep it in a low-light space, you’ll get the best results if you put it outside in warm months. And don’t go crazy with the water for this guy. Its thick trunk stores water so let it dry out completely between waterings.

Other easy to grow low-light plants to consider: peace lily, pothos, snake plant, and ZZ plant.

Colorful Leaves Bring Cheer To Indoors

Pink is especially popular, but we will also see lots of bright reds, greens, and yellows. Dark and variegated leaves are also trending.

Stromanthe Triostar

via Smart Garden

A striking choice with deep green variegated leaves and pops of pink that are sure to please. This one also likes bright light, but direct sun will bleach its color. Let it dry out up to 50% between waterings.

Philodendron Imperial Red

via Evergreen Seeds

Another colorful choice that is popular is Philodendron Imperial Red. Philodendrons are very prolific houseplants. This variety is a neat choice because, as it grows, it changes from bright red to burgundy to dark green making it fun to watch. Bright but indirect light is the prescription for this plant and be sure to let it dry out between waterings.  

Indoor Trees To Impress

Tall statement plants can add a lot to your decor. Some popular indoor trees for 2023 include bird of paradise, cat palm, and money tree.

Cat Palm

via House Plant Expert

The cat palm is popular for bringing in a tropical feel. It prefers bright, indirect light although it will tolerate some direct sun. Its native environment has high humidity so it likes to stay moist but not wet. Water evenly when the soil is 50% dry and use filtered water if your tap water is high in chlorine and minerals.

Money Tree

via Roomhints

The money tree is also hot for 2023. Choose a large, mature plant to bring in height and soft green color or a smaller plant for your office or desk. It thrives in low-light settings and is low maintenance, but it doesn’t adjust quickly to new settings. So try to pick a good spot for it and leave it alone.

Blooming Houseplants With Vintage Vibes

Violets and Begonias

via Garden Betty

Violets and Begonias are trending again for their nostalgic throwback to your grandmother’s house. Specifically, these plants are precious in groups and tablescapes. Their blooms can add color and a sense of life to little corners in your house. I wouldn’t put them in the ‘easiest houseplants to grow’ category, but give them bright light and don’t miss their watering and they’ll provide you with endless beauty.


via Gardenista

Not into the throwback style? Consider orchids. Orchids make striking houseplants and offer tons of variety to fit your style. Although they require little care, they are a bit picky. Too little light can decrease blooms, so 10-16 hours of bright indirect light is required for the best show. Also, don’t overwater these guys. Root rot is a real issue with this beauty.

Make a statement with your current collection

Some plants are trending, but this is not to say that you should puck your pothos, and you definitely want to hang on to strings of succulents. The plant core look is always going to be appealing, but if you want to tweak it for the new year, you could always get them a new pot or give them an interesting trellis to grow on and change the look entirely.

What houseplants will you be hunting for in 2023?

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