Create The Perfect Song Playlist For Pulling Weeds

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When you’re in the garden do you like to listen to music? Sometimes I enjoy the peace and the birdsong. But sometimes I like to get my jam on!

Especially when I’m doing hard work like pulling weeds. Pulling weeds is hard work! And a good song playlist can be just the right motivation to keep you going.

My playlist is filled with an extremely varied type of music. I am one of those people that can listen to and enjoy almost any type of music. But buying all my favorite songs would be so expensive!

That’s why I signed up for Amazon music. It’s a subscription service where you can listen to any song you want and make your own online music playlist without having to purchase every song. They also have premade playlists and stations for every music genre.

How to create the perfect song playlist for weeding with Amazon Music for prime memebers.

But I think a good weedin’ song playlist would go something like this:

Weeding is hot and dirty work so you need some music to get you pumped up!

When it comes to finding the weeds in your garden, you’ve got the Eye Of The Tiger. Those weeds don’t know who they’re dealing with. Let them hear you Roar.

You’re The Warrior shooting at the walls of weeds (bang, bang).

Now you are feeling ready to take on those weeds! Pump Up The Jam and get yo booty in the garden.  Walk Like An Egyptian if you want to.

To get after those weeds, you ‘don’t need no money.’ I love Cheap Thrills!

At first, the sun feels nice and you can see you’re making a big difference.

Dance it out with a little bit of Sandra in the sun from Mambo no. 5 and sneak in a Stolen Dance.

When a problem weed comes along, you must Whip it with your Moves Like Jagger.

You see those weeds cruising ’round your garden, and you’re like Forget You (and forget her too).

Now you’ve been out there for a while, and you’re feeling the heat of the Cruel Summer. It’s so hot it feels like you’re Walkin’ On The Sun.

Sure, it’s Gonna Make You Sweat because it’s like a Disco Inferno in your garden!

But you are getting so much work done!

You get knocked down, but you get up again! Keep Tubthumping those weeds and Don’t Stop Believin’ in yourself!

You know what? When you’re done maybe you can have some ‘Cake By The Oceanor an oscillating fan-whichever is closer.

You’ll deserve a nice treat because pulling weeds is basically like going to the gym.

You know how hot your arms are going to look after an entire summer of this workout? Your spouse will look over at you like, Oh You Sexy Thing.

There’s some good motivation! Stay Hooked On A Feeling that you’ll soon be done (for today)!

Once you’re done with the work and your garden looks awesome, you’ll look back and say, I Can See Clearly Now!

Now it’s time to grab a Cold Beverage. Personally, I’m Pretty Good At Drinkin’ Beer with my hiney in a lawn chair and my Toes in the cool creek water after a hard day’s work.

What is on your song playlist to listen to when you’ve got a lot of work to do?

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