15 Signs You’ve Embraced Homestead Life

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Homesteading takes over your life in a such a beautiful and sometimes inconvenient way. Once you’ve given in to the homestead life, you realize your priorities have changed.

Whether you are a veteran homesteader or just getting started in homesteading, you know transitioning to this way of life is a process of learning to do new things and embracing the busy chaos of homestead life.

I wonder if you can relate to one of these signs that the homestead life has taken you over!

Have you fully embraced the homestead lifestyle? See if you can relate to these 15 things to which homesteaders can totally relate.
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15 Signs You’ve Embraced Homestead Life


1. You know summer is no time to take a vacation. That’s the busiest time of the year.

Maybe you’ll take off a couple of days this winter?

Take a summer vacation? I can't. My plants need me.

2. You always have dirt under your nails and don’t care.

God made dirt. Dirt don’t hurt!

3. You have a farmer’s tan before the public pool opens.

Tan lines are the least of your worries.

4. Your garden is neater than your house which you only clean on rainy days.

You’ve accepted the fact that you’re not superhuman. Plus you’re way too busy to worry about a few too many toys on the floor.

5. You have one or two nice outfits, but everything else is stained with mud, poop, or an unknown substance.

You don’t even worry about what it is anymore.

6. When something breaks and you can’t fix it, you take it apart and save the pieces for future use.

Why buy something when you can make it from things you already have?

Embracing Homestead Life. The homesteader's motto

7. For your birthday you ask for garden tools, canning supplies, or farm animals.

You just can’t get enough!

8. When you have to choose between fixing the car and the tractor, you choose the tractor.

You’re not above picking the kids up from school in the tractor.

9. You’re always looking around your property for places to add more crops or animals.

You’ve even started eyeing the neighbor’s lawn…

10. You never shower in the morning, you’ll be filthy by 9 am.

And what’s the point of doing your hair or makeup? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Homestead life means rising with the sun.

11. If you’re not up by 6 am, you freak out that you’ve overslept.

Who are we kidding? The kids and animals won’t let you sleep past 6 am.

12. At any given time, you very likely have poop on your shoes, clothes, and/or hands. 

Getting poo on you is not even a thing you worry about anymore. Hopefully, you remember to wash it off before dinner.

13. You’re happy with your tiny house, but dream of having a bigger barn.

Must. Have. More. Animals.

Happiness is a well-stocked pantry. YouShouldGrow.com

14. If you ever do get a bigger house, a large pantry and root cellar are on the top of your wish list.

You know you’ve embraced homestead life when a well-stocked pantry is your happy place.

15. You pull the weeds in public places, and sometimes you eat them.

Other’s may say it’s a weed, but you know (at least) four ways to use it in your kitchen and/or medicine cabinet.

One man's weed is another man's medicine. youshouldgrow.com

What would you add?

Did I forget something? Leave me a comment!

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  1. LOL I love this! The clean clothes for sure, and the weeds in public places 🙂 My husband is always so embarrassed on how much I eat during just our normal walks 🙂

  2. Ha this really made me laugh! I often find myself wearing my gardening apron mid-way through bread making when I have come inside for the next stage. Sometimes I wonder if I should be kneading the weeds and weeding the bread!

  3. You get upset with your close family and friends for not composting or recycling, but then you remember that you’ll catch more flies with honey, so you buy them a porch composted and recycle bin!

  4. We’ve been on our farm for one year now. I use to wander aimlessly up and down the isles of Target contemplating all of the items I thought I needed. Now I wander the isles of the feed/tractor supply store drooling over things I need in my life- albeit in a much faster pace, as I need to get back to the farm to finish up what ever project or animal that caused me to head to the feed store to begin with.

    Great post, totally funny and spot on. Esp. all things regarding poop.

  5. Hey!
    Im from india. Glad i came through your blog.
    Im a beginner who loves homesteading.
    Let me know if there are any free book giveaways about farm or honesteading(here in india we don get any giveaways)

  6. Dreaming and planning is ever important. Looking out the window all winter and planning next year’s gardens, buildings, etc.
    Getting the first catalog in the mail. Oh my, heavens. Hours of pouring over them and the planning? Oh, yes.
    I agree with everything you said and, yes, I am one of them to a T.

  7. Your reading material transitions from novels to farm manuals and the latest in how to manage farm water systems. The biggest event all year on your calendar is the Mother Earth News Fair: collecting information on livestock and reconnecting with other homesteaders is a trip you plan as soon as the last one ends.

  8. Logging onto weather.com on a daily basis so there’s no surprises! I plan my entire week outside based on the forecast. LOL

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