DIY Fire Starter: Easy To Make And Burns For 30 Minutes!

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We love hanging out around the firepit. One of my favorite things to do is lean back in an Adirondack chair with a cold brew and cozy fire to warm the toes. But sometimes getting a fire going in the pit is a frustrating task.

While hubz is sent hunting and foraging for branches like a woodchuck, the rest of the family is hunting down anything to use as a fire starter.

So this year we prepared ahead of time. We gathered fallen trees and branches and built a wall of logs near the firepit, and we made these easy DIY fire starters.

These little things are so easy to make, and I already had all the supplies I needed to make them in my house.


Make your own fire starters with items you already have in your house. These were free and easy to make and burned for 30 minutes. Fire starters are handy to keep around for campfires, bonfires, and any occasion where you need to quickly start a fire. DIY directions at
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Gather supplies

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Laundry lint
  • Old candles or other wax
  • String
  • Scissors, wax paper or foil, sauce pan

Make the fire starters

  1. Cut and fold one end of the toilet paper roll.
  2. Fill the toilet paper roll with laundry lint then cut and fold the other end.
  3. Use string to tie up the ends and provide a wick.
  4. Melt wax.
    • I placed an old candle in a saucepan filled with water and heated water til boiling. I added more used wax until I had enough to dunk the fire starters.
  5. Dunk the fire starters in the melted wax holding them by the string.
  6. Repeat dunking and/or pour wax over fire starters until they are well coated.

How to make fire starters for campfires.

Once they are cooled, they will store until needed. I couldn’t wait to use it, though. We took it out to the firepit and laid a few sticks for a tiny fire. It was hot, but we roasted burned marshmallows anyway.

Burnt marshmallow smore


The fire starter was easy to light with the extra string for a wick. It lit up within seconds and stayed lit for a good 30 minutes.

I like that this is made of things that otherwise may have been thrown out. It’s not trash to treasure… it’s trash to useful.

Ready to take your campfire cooking beyond smores?

Here’s a great tutorial for cooking on an open fire.

How about making Rob Roy Cookies? Or some baked brie? Mmmm

What’s your favorite dish cooked over a campfire?


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  1. Very cool. I have made some fire starters with the cotton disks used to remove makeup and melted wax into them. They work pretty well too, but not for a half hour, that’s impressive. Glad I found you on the Homesteader Hop.

    1. Just wanted to add to be careful about the laundry lint used. Polyester materials lint is not good for the environment as it is burned. (Gasses) Laundry lint from 100% cotton is OK as it is not harmful for the air/environment. Sawdust from certain wood material is OK as well. We all need to be careful not to contaminate the air any more than what it is.

  2. This is a great idea! Being a family of seven means we always have an abundance of of both drier lint and toilet paper rolls. Plus I always struggle to light our burning barrel so I’ll definitely be making these.

  3. We don’t use driers extensively in Africa so laundry lint is not readily available, we do however have lots of small dry twigs from our large tree so I will make use of these dunked in wax, I’m sure it’ll work great, I will aim to match (or better) your 30 Minutes . Rolls are plentiful from both Toilet Paper and from Paper Towels which we presently put in the recycling bag.

  4. Need to make more starters than you have laundry lint to fill them?? We used clean cedar chips from the stash we have for pet bedding. Works great.

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