Gardening Is Sexy

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Wait, what? Did I just say gardening is sexy?

Yes. Yes, I did. Gardening is sexy.

There are many reasons that I believe everyone should grow food, and this is one of them. Gardening might not seem like the sexiest of activities, but I beg to differ.

Gardening is sexy in many ways.

Here are nine sexy reasons you should grow.

9 sexy reasons you should grow food.
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1. You get physical activity out in the garden.

Gardening gets you outside, moving around, sweating, bending over, digging, reaching high to gather fruit, flexing muscles, even just walking-you know your man watches every time you walk away.

When he wears ‘those jeans,’ you probably look at him, too.

2. Your emotions are stimulated by the smell of fresh air and garden plants

When the fresh air smells like honeysuckle, basil, tomatoes, oregano, or even dirt olfactory glands in the nose are stimulated and send signals to the limbic system in the brain. This causes an emotional response.

It could be any emotion: peace, joy, excitement. Excitement is sexy. Even anger can lead to… well, you know. Just make sure you are wearing an effective deodorant. Stinky is not sexy.

9 reasons gardening is sexy
Sunny spring days beg for playing in the dirt.

3. You get to show some skin.

Bask in the sunshine and show some skin. A little sun-kissed glow on the skin is lovely and fresh. Wear sunblock, of course. Skin cancer is not sexy. But bare skin is sexy.

The sunshine also feels warm. That warm feeling is relaxing and improves mood, and smiling is sexy.

Have you ever considered participating in World Naked Gardening Day?

4. You are taking care of your family and building confidence.

Someone who is willing to do physical work to provide for themselves and their family is very attractive.

Knowing you can provide for your family instills confidence and relieves worry. A relaxed self-assured person is sexy.

9 reasons gardening is sexy. Smiling man. Funny shirt.
My smiling sexy gardener.  Get his shirt here.


5. Gardening makes you healthier.

Growing your own food and eating fresh from the garden improves overall health including body condition, skin clarity, and can help prevent the onset of disease.

Being sick with the flu is not sexy. Being healthy is sexy.

6. You accomplish great things.

I love coming home to find out hubz has completed a gardening chore for me. I love seeing rows of tomatoes planted, covered, and watered. Laying out water hoses is sexy. Yes, it is.

It is sexy in the same way doing the dishes or folding the laundry is sexy. If he can cross something off the honey-do list, complete a chore for me, or take something off our to-do list, then I’ll put him on mine.

Man working in garden

7. You get to eat delicious food.

Taste buds, like olfactory glands, can evoke emotion. The flavor of a freshly picked tomato is so much better than a store-bought one. Delicious food is totally sexy.

Good food is satisfying in so many ways. You know that old saying: the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Garden fresh and made from scratch meals taste soooo much better than store-bought food.

8. You can savor your garden fresh produce.

The act of eating can be sexy. Attracting attention to the mouth is a very obvious way to make someone think about kissing.

When you eat, your mouth is doing a lot of moving around and will definitely attract some attention. Eat your produce in the garden: berries, tomatoes, apples, pears, plums are all great for fresh eating in the garden.

You can even freshen your breath by chewing on a mint leaf while you work. Fresh breath is sexy.

9. You get to have fun with the one you love.

When I’m gardening with my husband, we talk about our plants and get excited when something does well or a tomato cross comes out just like we hoped.

We are silly sometimes or one of us will say something stupid or do something embarrassing, and then we start laughing. Laughing is sexy.

We are both very sarcastic and like to tease. Having fun together is super duper sexy.

Gardening with my husband is one of my favorite things to do. In fact, that is what we did for our last anniversary. We hired a sitter and hung out in the garden.

Spending time with the person you love, well that is the sexiest thing of all.

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