The Best Long Handled Weeding Tools

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It’s well into the gardening season and the battle with the weeds has begun. Bending over to pull up each individual invasive plant is not just time-consuming, but it practically breaks your back. That’s why I love my long handled weeding tools. In this post, I’ll share the best long-handled weeding tools that are easy to use and won’t break your back.

Nothing gets under my skin more than pesky weeds stealing water and nutrients from my vegetable garden! But fighting with weeds is just a reality of having success as a gardener. And, for what it’s worth, weeding is great exercise.

The best thing you can do is prevent weeds, but if it’s too late for that then you’re going to appreciate the ease of using long handled weeding tools to clean up your garden.

The best long handled weeding tools

Fortunately, there are a variety of tools and styles you can choose from that make weeding faster and easier.

Power tools

When it comes to weeding, you can choose to cut them down short instead of pulling them up. Sometimes cutting them down is easier, and as long as you cut them down before they go to flower, leaving them provides natural ground cover in areas you’re not gardening.

For this purpose, your best option is a weed eater or mower. Obviously, if you’re using a weedeater, you need to be careful not to cut down your plants…it’s easier to do than you think.

I really love this tiny lawn mower! It’s like a weed eater with a hat on, and it seems way easier to use and less painful than being bombarded with shrapnel like when I use our regular weed eater.

Long handled weeding hoes

Hoes are one of the most handy tools for your garden. There are a variety of hoes that serve different purposes. Hoes we use for weeding all basically work by dragging them back and forth over the ground. As you do they dig up, pull, and cut the weeds at the ground level.

You start with a weed covered area, and when you’re done you end up with clean dirt.

A stirrup hoe

For weeding, you can’t go wrong with a stirrup hoe. With a blade shaped like, you guessed it, a stirrup, it slices off weeds at ground level as you scrape it back and forth over the dirt.

This is one of my favorite garden tools, and it’s so easy to use, I often send my kids out to do the task.

A scuffle hoe

You will also make quick work of weeds with a scuffle hoe. This hoe has a wing shaped blade that slices on all sides as you slide it back and forth over the dirt.

Weed pullers

If you’re looking for something to dig up individual weeds that have deep tap roots, then you need one of these handy dandy stand up weeders. There are a couple of different designs, but the idea is to get down deep and pull long roots from pesky weeds like dandelions.

If you’re careful with them, you can always eat the dandelions!

Which of these stand up weeding tools do you like best?

Leave me a comment with your experience. We all need tips for keeping the garden free of weeds!

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