5 Tiny Veggies You Should Grow

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As the gardening season gears up, I can’t help but think about new things to try in the garden this spring. I always have a huge list of veggies to grow, and I’ve got some adorably fun stuff on my list for this year!

I don’t know what it is about tiny things, but I just love them. I know I’m not alone, too.

It must be some motherly instinct that makes little things more precious. And I will admit to beaming with delight at the sight of homegrown tiny vegetables. Have I mentioned I am easily amused?

Why tiny veggies?

It all started when I saw the adorable cucamelons on Baker Creek website last spring. I purchased the seeds, but never got them in the ground.

Since then, I have seen several of my internet gardening pals growing these adorable babies, and I know they have to be on my list of veggies to grow this spring.

All of these plants will need to be started from seed, but it’s really not that hard to do. If you need help with starting seeds, check out this post with step by step instructions. And if this is your first garden, here are my tips for starting a vegetable garden from scratch.

Wondering what to grow in your garden this year? Try these tiny versions of my favorite veggies for the the home gardener. I love experimenting with new and interesting veggies to grow. And for some reason, little versions of things I love are so much fun! Images and seeds from Baker Creek.
Pin this for later. Images: Baker Creek Seeds/rareseeds.com

But they also inspired me to see what other tiny veggies I can grow, and now I have a whole list of bitty beauties! I can’t wait to have all these veggies growing in my garden next year! I’m so excited, I already bought the seeds! And used three (make that 4) exclamation points in a row!

Since I’ve never grown these veggies, I don’t have any original pictures of them. The cover photo is a tiny baby broccoli that is growing ever so slowly in my fall garden. So all of these images are borrowed from and linked (not affiliate) to their sources on Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. 🙂



Adorable little cucamelons!
Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumbers. Image: Baker Creek Seeds/rareseeds.com

These are actually little tiny cucumbers and are said to have a tart lemony flavor. I’ve heard from several sources that they are great fresh and pickled. With their high water content, cucumbers are great to snack on when you’ve been sweating in the garden. I am super excited to snack on these this summer.

Extra Dwarf Pak Choy

Extra dwarf pak choy!
Extra Dwarf Pak Choy  Image: Baker Creek Seeds/rareseeds.com

These itty bitty Pak Choy are only 2 inches long. Look how adorable they are! I can’t wait to grow them. It’s going to be a real treat to grow at home because sauteed Pak Choy is one of my favorite foods.

Rajasthan Honey Melon

Madhu Ras, Rajasthan Honey Melon
Madhu Ras, Rajasthan Honey Melon  Image: Baker Creek Seeds/rareseeds.com

Okay, this is not actually a veggie, but melons are must grow for our spring garden. These palm-sized melons have sweet orange flesh like a cantaloupe. They are supposed to be very sweet and do well in hot climates like ours. I love their unusual markings and the perfect single serving size.

Thai Lavender Frog Egg Eggplant

We’ve grown and loved the striped Fairytale eggplant variety for years. Little eggplants are so much easier to work with in the kitchen. I’m looking forward to trying these tiny ball-shaped eggplants roasted and pickled next year.

small round eggplant sitting on a table


Violet Sparkle Pepper

What could be wrong with a pepper called violet sparkle? Seriously, that is the cutest name ever. These start out as yellow and purple but they ripen to fire red.

3 small tricolor (red, purple, yellow) peppers and a hand


The reviews on these say these plants and fruits are small but pack a big punch of sweetness when ripe red. We love eating fresh peppers from the garden, so I know we will enjoy snacking on this one.

I’m really excited about my spring garden, can you tell?

What’s on your list of veggies to grow this year?



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  1. What a great list of tiny veggies! I didn’t even know Baker Creek had these because I’m always so obsessed with “normal” veggies I grow every year! I’ll be on the look out. I have a question, though: Do you think any of these might grow inside on a very sunny window in a cold climate?

    1. Hey Heidi! Sorry it took me a couple days to answer you! I think that all of these veggies would be difficult to grow in the windowsill. Maybe a small pepper plant could live, but it would be difficult to get much fruit if it is very cold. For a windowsill, I would grow herbs like genovese or globe basil, thyme, and chives. You could also grow microgreens which are really yummy on salads. 🙂

  2. I have a thing for the little ones too. Have you tried chocolate cherry tomatoes. They are really good.

  3. This year I have orange hat tomatoes from Baker Creek – it’s a truly tiny tomato that only grows to about a foot high. Both my plants have multiple flowers. I use them as office plants!

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