5 Tips For Safe Essential Oil Use Around Your Kids

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Essential oils are oils extracted from natural plants. Some say they are nature’s remedies but when used inappropriately they can hurt us or make us sick. Still, they have been used for generations all around the world, and experience and science have shown these remedies can be effective.

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Strong Medication

People sometimes assume that because something is all-natural it is mild and anyone can use it. This is not the case. Remember, Opium comes from a flower. Tobacco and marijuana are plants. There are many plants that can be dangerous.

The plants used to make essential oils are made for healing. But some of them are very strong and you need to know what you are dealing with especially if you are using them for or on children.

Caution with children with the following essential oils

The following essential oils are great for natural healing on people. However, according to the Herbal Academy of New England, they can be harmful if they are used on children under the age of six. Their essential oils have a very high menthol content and it can slow the respiratory system. For infants and toddlers, it may slow the system too much. They include:

essential oil supplies - tips for using essential oils around kids

Why is it such a problem?

It takes years for a child to develop their immune system. Their skin is thinner when they are younger and they absorb more of what you place on it. Essential oils are great for childhood illnesses, rashes, cuts, and other common issues when they are physically able to handle it.

Tips for Safe Essential Oil Use Around Your Children

  • The safest way to expose your child to essential oils if with a diffuser. In this manner, the oil is properly diluted, inhaled, and very effective.
  • Keep your diluted essential oil with you for treatment of bug bites, scrapes, bruises, or minor cuts. Use 4 teaspoons of carrier oils (coconut oil or almond oil are popular choices) to 1 drop of the essential oil of your choice. Keep your oil in a very dark bottle and store it in a cool place when you get home.
  • Once your child is over the age of 6 (or the age of two if very heavily diluted) peppermint and eucalyptus in a diffuser can help a child with a cold or congestion as they sleep.
  • Do not place the diffuser too close to the child. Keep it safely out of reach and across the room or even in a room across the hall.
  • Lavender, Sweet Orange, and several other essential oils are popular to calm a restless child.

Keeping it in the family

Many families have activities that they do together. Biking, taking dance classes, hiking, and painting are just a few examples. All of these examples are inexpensive and the materials needed are readily available.

However, it may be more difficult for people of various ages to relax and unwind after a family activity. This is why a diffuser with lavender or sweet orange is so helpful. You can train your body to unwind when you need rest.


Essential oils are good for so many things that you really should try them. But do your research. Make sure you are buying a quality product and using it correctly. No matter how you absorb essential oils, your body will respond if you are using it correctly. Start your research today. You will be amazed at what you will learn.

Disclaimer: this article is intended for informational purposes only. Especially with essential oil use for children, always consult a medical professional before starting any treatments.

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