Spruce Up That Pumpkin! 20 Modern Pumpkin Crafts

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Fall is a time for everything pumpkin! Whether it’s flavoring your favorite latte or adding color to your front porch, pumpkins have many roles in fall festivities. In this post, I’m sharing 20 modern pumpkin crafts for everything from decor to party favors.

Painted pumpkin decor craft DIY

Photo Credit: “DIY Painted Pumpkins” by Splendry

I’m a sucker for taking something inexpensive and making it look like I spent money on it, aren’t you? I’m like “Oh you love those pumpkins? Aren’t they fabulous? “… and then I spill the secret because I do love to show off my mad frugal-creative skills! (HA!)

That’s exactly what the DIY Painted Pumpkins from Splendry are all about: taking inexpensive pumpkins and turning them into works of art. If you love these purple ones, you have to hop over to see the turquoise and silver pumpkin her mom made! It’s stunning and is the perfect fall accent for homes near the ocean. Read the full tutorial HERE.

Lace covered pumpkin craft decor

Photo Credit: “Decoupaged Lace Foam Pumpkins” by Atta Girl Says

Atta Girl Says that real pumpkins are awesome, but they’re not reusable year after year. That’s why she made it her mission to take those tacky plastic pumpkins you find at the dollar store and turn them into something breathtaking! What a successful project!

Her decoupaged lace pumpkins are beautiful! I love how you can still see the colorful orange pumpkin(s) behind the lace. I think this project does a great job of hiding the fact that the pumpkins aren’t real. I mean, when I look at them, it looks like real pumpkins have been covered with a lace sleeve. I’m in love! Hop over to learn how to Decoupage foam pumpkins with lace HERE.

Pumpkin craft party favor

Photo Credit: “DIY Pumpkin Party Favor” by Love The Day

“Thanks, pumpkin” is such a sweet little phrase. If you’ve never called a loved one pumpkin’ now’s the time! “Pumpkin” is right up there with “pookie” “honey” or “sweetie” in my book!

This cute party favor from Love the Day is filled with orange gumballs but I would go that extra mile to fill it with healthy homemade gummy pumpkins since they are a great alternative to sugary treats. Grab the full tutorial for this sweet party favor HERE.

20 Fall Pumpkin Crafts

Are you looking for MORE great pumpkin ideas? Click on the links to check out 20 pumpkin crafts below! Don’t forget to let my friends know you found them at You Should Grow!

  1. Paper Pumpkin Craft by Ann’s Entitled Life
  2. DIY Rustic Fence Board Pumpkins by Marty’s Musings
  3. No Sew Fabric Pumpkins by Pink Fortitude
  4. Burlap Pumpkin Wreath by Crafts By Amanda
  5. Paper Pumpkin Banner by Chicken Scratch NY
  6. DIY Pumpkin Party Favor by Love The Day
  7. How to Make Sparkly Salt Crystal Pumpkins by Schooling A Monkey
  8. Make Mod Podged Book Page Pumpkins by Creative Green Living
  9. DIY No-Sew Fabris Pumpkins by Down Redbud Drive
  10. Pumpkin Buttons by Doodle Craft
  11. Easy Terra Cotta Pumpkin Craft by Turning The Clock Back
  12. Tin Can Pumpkins by Suburbia Unwrapped
  13. Scrappy Pumpkins by Mom on Timeout
  14. DIY Painted Pumpkins by Splendry
  15. Pumpkin Paintings with DIY Apple Stamps by Lindsey Blogs
  16. Dollar Store Pumpkin Makeovers by Happy Deal Happy Day
  17. Cinnamon Scented Pumpkins by Mom Does Reviews
  18. Decoupaged Lace Foam Pumpkins by Atta Girl Says
  19. Happy Pumpkin Spice Season by Happiness Is Homemade
  20. Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin by Julie Measures

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pumpkin crafts collage for pinterest

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