35 Garden Markers Ideas & Images

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Garden markers are one of the most important things in your garden. Plant labels help you remember what you planted and where. Whether you’re labeling individual plants or using garden row markers, there are tons of ways you can get creative with your garden markers.

When you’re making your own garden labels, you can include as much or as little information as you want. Here are some things to consider putting on your custom garden markers:

  • Name of herb, fruit, or vegetable
  • Variety name
  • Date planted
  • Number planted

You should also make sure to record what you planted and when in your vegetable garden journal. You are keeping a garden journal, aren’t you?

On this page, you’ll find lots of ideas for making your own garden markers, decorative garden markers for sale, handmade garden markers, funny garden signs and markers, and more!

Feel free to pin any garden marker images that inspire you!   

Metal Garden Markers Ideas

garden markers made from aluminum cans
These plant labels made from aluminum cans are super cute! source


Be careful with aluminum cans! Here are some tips from the gardener who made these:

“I’ve been cutting and engraving (in reverse) a few with coat hanger stakes. If anyone tries this, please wear gloves to avoid cuts when handling the aluminum. The biggest problem I had was over-handling the thin aluminum and having the folds brake. Fold once after engraving and you’re good to go.”

Garden markers. Garden decor: etched aluminum herb garden markers
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Cut metal garden markers

Garden markers Handmade Laser Cut Steel

If you are really handy, laser cut steel to make rustic custom garden markers or just grab these metal plant markers from Amazon.


garden markers. garden decor
Shiny herb garden markers would be a lovely addition to your kitchen garden. Try this herb markers set.

These green leaf-shaped plant markers are pretty unique!

unique garden markers

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Write anything on these self-laminating plant markers.

garden labels. garden markers
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Wine cork garden markers ideas

Easy DIYs are the best! Wine corks and skewers make quick and cute herb markers for your container garden.

Garden decor. Garden Markers. Diy wine cork plant markers tutorial

Make your own wine cork plant markers. Tutorial at Reuse, Grow, Enjoy

Easy diy garden plant markers using wine corks
These are the most clever wine cork markers! Source


diy garden decor. garden markers. handmade garden markers
Found these adorable garden markers here.


Ceramic Garden Markers


cute oval garden markers
I love the colors on these! Get a set here.


Learn how to make these fun clay markers at eHow


ceramic herb garden markers
I love these handmade ceramic herb garden markers. Such pretty colors!

Buy Ceramic Garden Markers

Painted rocks and sticks garden markers

There are so many ways you can use painted rocks to make DIY garden markers!

Use broken pottery and stones for garden markers. source

Custom decorative painted rocks garden marker tutorial by Evolving Motherhood.

Or just get creative with sticks you find in your yard!

Read the tutorial for painted sticks garden markers at Dukes & Duchesses


Aren’t these hand painted garden row markers cute?

Slate Garden Markers
Make your own slate garden markers.

Garden decor. Garden markers
Cute idea to paint wooden stakes for garden markers Get them here

 Spoon Vegetable Garden Markers

garden markers. funny garden signs
I love the cute sayings on these stamped spoon garden markers!

See the other funny garden signs and markers on these cute stamped spoons here. Or make your own spoon garden markers! Here is a DIY stamped spoon tutorial.

How cute is this spoon flower?! You could easily engrave the spoons to make labels of this. source

Wooden spoon garden markers

Wooden spoons can be painted, burned, or write directly on them. What a simple way to make your own herb garden labels!

Garden markers. Garden decor. Painted wooden spoons.
These wooden spoon markers are cute and classy! Check them out at Craftivity Designs.

 Do you prefer a vintage look?

vintage look garden markers
These cute garden markers have a cool vintage look.

These vegetable garden markers would look really neat in a food garden.

Find them here.

Burned wood garden markers

Garden markers. Garden decor. Wood burned garden markers
Simple is sometimes the most attractive! Tutorial for making these at Dukes & Duchesses

Using a wood burning tool, you can add text and drawings to any sticks or wood you already have. We cut fallen cedar trees from our farm into small slices, drilled a hole in the top, and then I just hand drew pictures and words on the slices with a tool like this. I used craft wire we already had to make the supports. I think they turned out pretty cute!

Garden markers diy wood burning craft


More Ideas for Garden markers

garden markers easy diy butterflies
Learn how to make these adorable markers at Ann’s Entitled Life


Chalkboard Garden Markers

Chalkboard paint on frying pans for garden markers! How clever!

Read more about this project at Dukes & Duchesses

Ideas for plant tags

copper garden marker with label
I love the aged look of these copper markers! She’s tied them to the stem of the plant so they don’t get lost. That’s clever! source



copper watering can plant tags
How adorable! Copper watering can plant tags!

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Laminated garden plant marker
Here’s a super easy way garden marker: Just print and laminate! source

Pet tags hung on tent stakes! It couldn’t be simpler! Engrave your own dog tags with this tool.

Garden markers: Easy diy with dog tag
Here’s an easy DIY garden marker! Just use a pet tag hung on a tent peg! source

Nice and tall garden plant stakes

Custom metal plant markers.
Custom metal plant markers.

More Info


Garden markers: Black metal stakes with labels
These black metal markers would look great in any garden! source

I love the simplicity of the black metal garden label stakes. Click to buy the markers and label tape and label maker.

Garden markers ideas
These fun garden markers would be perfect for a kids garden!

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Customized garden markers

Totally custom garden markers
Write anything on your garden markers!

More Info

personalized garden marker classy
These markers can be personalized to say whatever you like!

Surely you found some great ideas for garden markers on this list!

Which of these garden plant markers ideas is your favorite? Do you have another idea? Tell me in the comments!


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