7 Easy To Make Christmas Centerpieces (Super Quick & Cheap!)

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Looking for some easy ways to make a cheap Christmas centerpiece? Try one of these quick and cheap ideas using natural elements you can find in the garden. From pine cones to tree branches, there’s much to be created using the simple items you can find in your yard.

Whether you are hosting a Christmas dinner for the family or simply enjoy having a festive home this holiday season, there are many ways you can decorate the house without spending a lot of cash. Making your own decorations with bits from your garden is a great way to save money and have unique and beautiful Christmas centerpieces.

When figuring out how to make DIY Christmas centerpieces from items in your yard, the possibilities are truly endless. Even if you want to stick with a particular color theme for your décor, you can always give pine cones, twigs, and leaves a quick coat of spray paint to suit your needs.

Tips to make your own Christmas table centerpiece

When making Christmas centerpieces, it’s best to place tallest items in the center and then stagger smaller items around the edges. Pinecones, pine needles, leaves and branches work nicely to fill in empty spaces and complete the setting.

If you have some small Christmas themed decorations like candles or ornaments, put them in with the natural elements from your garden for a super easy way to add some sparkle to your centerpiece.

Involve the kids! Have the family go on a backyard treasure hunt for items to use in your centerpiece and let them help you put it all together. It could even become a family tradition.

7 easy to make Christmas centerpieces with from items in your yard

Candles on Log slices

If you have large trees in the yard, consider using some of the heftier branches as a votive candle holder. Use a chop saw to cut chunks 2-5 inches thick. Then cluster them in the center of the table placing a candle on each one.

Easy to make Christmas centerpiece idea: candles on log slices

As an alternative, you can also use a drill and a wood boring drill bit to carve out spaces for votive candles. Unless you don’t already own the power tools, this project is a super quick and cheap way to make a Christmas centerpiece.

Some springs of holly and red berries complete the holiday look.

Greens and Berries in a Pitcher

Perfect for a country kitchen, you’ll love the look of greens and berries in a pitcher vase. Simply pick some greens and berries from your yard and arrange them in a pitcher.

Simple Christmas Centerpiece idea - Nandina leaves and berries fill a white pitcher

For mine, I simply picked some deep green leaves and bright red berries from our nandinas. If you don’t have a suitable shrub in your yard, ask a neighbor if you can clip a branch from their bush or see if you can get some scraps from the Christmas tree farm.

Magnolia Leaf Wreath

If you’re blessed with a magnolia on your property, you absolutely must use those glossy leaves in your DIY Christmas centerpiece! Since we’re making a table centerpiece, you don’t need it to hold up to gravity or shutting doors.

You can make this super easy by taping your leaves onto a round piece of cardboard to create your wreath. In the center of your wreath, place a candle for an instantly elegant Christmas setting.

magnolia leaves made into wreath centerpiece idea

Ornaments and Cedar Boughs

Cedar trees are lovely scented evergreen trees that are perfect for nature inspired Christmas decor. Pair cedar branches with sparkly Christmas ornaments for a quick and easy Christmas table centerpiece.

Lay the cedar boughs flat on the table and layer in some fairy lights, ornaments, and candles for an instant wow factor.

Christmas centerpiece and decor using ornaments twinkle lights and cedar boughs
Cedar Christmas tablescape by Fox Hollow Cottage

Pinecone Christmas Trees

If you have pinecones in the backyard, then this DIY Christmas centerpiece is for you. Think about the shape of a pinecone, it’s perfect to create a pinecone Christmas tree centerpiece!

Pinecone Christmas trees centerpiece on table
Cute pinecone centerpiece by Town and Country Living

Let the kids decorate their trees with paint and berries using hot glue to affix the “star” on top. You could even add some fake snow or dab white paint on the tips of the scales. Glittery gold or silver spray paint will also dress up pinecones. 

Evergreen Metal Hanger Mini Christmas Tree

Did you know you can turn 6 metal hangers and some masking tape into a mini Christmas tree? Well, now you do!

A set of metal hangers can be taped together into a triangle shape. Then create a tree shape with the tripod on triangles. Using floral wire, attach branches to create the look of a Christmas tree. Layer them on until you have the look you desire.

Cranberry and Pine Votive Tray

This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a pretty Christmas table centerpiece. Using a shallow tray or tin, surround votive candles with cranberries and pine twigs. Glossy holly leaves and berries also give the same look.

cranberries and pine sprigs surround votive candles
Pretty cranberries and pine sprigs make an easy Christmas table centerpiece. (Image source)

If you have some glass candle holders or mason jars, pour the cranberries in and nest a votive candle inside for an alternate look.

Will you make these cheap and easy Christmas centerpieces? 

This is the season where family and friends enjoy gathering over a warm meal and great conversation, why not make your next conversation starter be the centerpiece and décor that you created from hand?

Hopefully, each of these ideas has helped fuel your imagination to get outside and grab those supplies to create your very own festive DIY Christmas centerpiece today.

If you have another idea, I’d love to hear about it! Leave me a comment below!

easy to make christmas centerpieces pin

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