39 Homemade Crazy Milkshake Recipes

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Do you know what happens when you combine a dessert with a milkshake? A freakshake is born!

These extreme milkshakes are an Australian invention that have quickly spread through the world via social media and their popularity is still rising. They’re perfect for holidays, birthdays, and date nights!

And what’s a more perfect treat for the summer than a crazy milkshake? Scratch that, these crazy milkshake ideas are great any time of the year!

How to make your own crazy milkshake at home.

First you need a milkshake.

You can use your own recipe or choose from the ones linked in this article. You could even substitute a fruit smoothie for a healthier option.

To get the creamiest milkshake, you need a high powered blender to mix up your ingredients. If you’re really serious about blending, you can’t go wrong with the Ninja blender. It is not only one of the most popular blenders, but it’s also among the most powerful and versatile blenders out there.

For single servings, you might enjoy using the smaller milkshake maker by Hamilton Bay. It’s perfect for blending up your favorite freaky milkshake flavors.

Then you need a giant milkshake glass.

Mason jar glasses make the perfect vessels for these massive milkshakes, but the classic milkshake glass is also a nice touch.  Get some long-handled spoons for your fancy milkshake while you’re at it because these gigantic shakes are too much for your soup spoons!

Remember you’re going to be dipping, rolling, drizzling, and stacking treats on top of this glass, so make sure it’s got a wide enough mouth to support your super-sized toppings.

Strawberry crazy milkshake with pink whipped cream topping, twisty popsicle, candy, and sprinkles on rim of mason jar mug

Then you need your toppings and decorations.

Obviously, some whipped cream is in order. But beyond that, it’s up to you!

Dipped pretzel sticks, lollipops, and gourmet donuts are all on the list of possibilities! You’ll see in these crazy milkshake recipes, some are topped with cookies, candy, even whole slices of cake!

Just like for any sweet treat you will need to choose complementing flavors. You may even choose a theme for your crazy shakes.

But when it comes to the toppings, there’s really no limit to what you can use!

For the most part, these freaky milkshakes are definitely not waist-friendly!

But if you have a celebration planned and you want to make something special that will make grown-ups drool and kids go into a frenzy, here are some amazing monster shake recipes to inspire you!

Try one of these homemade crazy milkshake recipes

Hands holding chocolate and pretzels freak shake - A list of 39 crazy milkshake recipes

S’mores Freakshakes


Chocolate smores extreme milkshake freakshake on grey background with blue napkin
Extreme Freakshake S’mores Milkshake by A Side Of Sweet

Extreme Freakshake S’mores Milkshakes Recipe (photo)

Decadent S’mores Freakshake

S’mores Pie Freakshake

Unicorns and rainbows party freakshakes

Unicorn milkshake extreme milkshake topped with donuts and candy
Unicorn Freakshake by Amandascookin.com
Childs hands with painted fingernails holding large pink milkshake with rainbow candy and unicorn head
Unicorn Milkshakes by SugarHero

Unicorn Freakshake (photo)

Unicorn Milkshakes (photo)

Unicorn Rainbow Milkshake

Taste The Rainbow Freakshake

Unicorn Bark Milkshake

Healthy freakshakes

Decadent vegan freakshakes by Sprinkle Of Green
Skewers of tropical fruit on top of milkshake glasses
Fruit Freakshakes by Sugar and Cloth
Healthy freakshake topped with grapes, orange, and banana
Healthy Halloween Freakshake by Eats Amazing. More Healthy Halloween Recipes.
Banana vegan epic milkshake
Totally Bananas Date Night Epic Freakshake by Smart Fun DIY

Decadent Vegan Freakshakes Two Ways (photo)

Healthy Halloween Freakshakes Recipe (photo)

Fruit Freakshakes (photo)

Totally Bananas Date Night Epic Freakshake (photo)

Dairy Free Chocolate Freakshake

Vegan Matcha Freakshake

Disney inspired extreme milkshakes

Yellow icing on donut on top of milkshake
Beauty and the Beast Milkshake by See Vanessa Craft
Chocolate and candy extreme milkshake
It’s A Small World Inspired Freakshake by Kleinworth & Co
Extreme milkshake freak shake topped with colorful candy
Dumbo Inspired Freakshake by Make Life Lovely

Beauty And The Beast Freakshake (photo)

It’s A Small World Inspired Freakshake (photo)

Dumbo Inspired Disney Freakshake (photo)

Moana Pina Colada Freakshake

Princess Cinderella Freakshake

Big Thunder Mountain Freakshake

Disney Jungle Cruise Freakshake

Mickey Mouse Freakshake


Crazy milkshakes for all the holidays

strawberry extreme milkshake topped with cupcakes, strawberries, candy, and wax lips
Strawberry Valentines Day Freakshake by Dukes&Duchesses
easter candy freakshake
Leftover Easter Candy Freakshake by Baking Mischief

New Year’s Eve Extreme Milkshake

Strawberry Valentine’s Day Freakshake (photo)

Boozy Shamrock Shake Freakshake

Leftover Easter Candy Freakshake (photo)

4th Of July Milkshake

Creepy Halloween Freakshakes

Thanksgiving Boozy Bourbon Butter Pecan Milkshake

Gingerbread Extreme Milkshakes


Beyond crazy, super extreme milkshakes

Peanut butter cookies and candy crazy shake
Toasted Fluffernutter Freakshake by A Bajillion Recipes
Epic chocolate peanut butter milkshakes
Epic chocolate peanut butter freakshakes by SugarHero
chocolate caramel crazy shake
Chocolate Brownie Cookies And Cream Freakshake by Lights, Camera, Bake
Tiramisu cold brew milkshake
Tiramisu Cold Brew Freakshake by Dukes & Duchesses

Toasted Fluffernutter Freakshake(photo)

Epic Chocolate Peanut Butter Freakshakes(photo)

Chocolate Brownie Cookies And Cream Freakshake(photo)

Tiramisu Cold Brew Freakshake(photo)

Brownie Freakshake Recipe

Cotton Candy Freakshake

Oreo Cookie Crazy Milkshake

Salted Caramel Freakshake

Cookie Dough Freakshake

Can you handle one of these epic extravagant milkshakes?

If you’ve had one leave me a comment below and share your experience!

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